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Plunger Lift systems are cost-effective solutions to lift and remove accumulated fluid in wells with liquid loading problems. At the surface, a controller is used to regulate the plunger travel cycle. The plunger travels from the spring to the surface and removes the liquid in the production tubing. Velocity of flow and expanding gas provide the energy to deliver the plunger and liquids to the surface. Some of the advantages of a plunger system are:

  •  Increase production rates at minimal cost.
  •  Easy installation and maintenance.
  •  Automated delivery system.
  •  Extends the life of aging wells.

Fisher Production Services, Inc. carries a complete line of all your plunger lift needs:
  •  Lubricators
  •  Controllers
  •  Plungers (padded, solid, brush)
  •  Magnetic Arrival Sensors
  •  Downhole Bumper Springs
  •  Two-Cup Holddowns
  •  Collar Stops
  •  Tubing Stops
  •  Motor Valves
  •  Regulators

Fisher Production Services, Inc. offers a complete turn-key Plunger Lift installation. After installing the equipment, we will monitor the operation for 30 days. During that time we will adjust the Plunger Lift to the well conditions until the equipment is performing to your satisfaction.

Fisher Production Services, Inc. also offers complete maintenance and service of any brand of Plunger Lift installations and equipment.

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