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Slickline Services

Slickline is a fast and efficient conveyance method that can be used for many services.  Fisher Production Services, Inc. offers a comprehensive array of slickline well services that enable oil and gas companies to increase production.

We equip our hydraulic slickline trucks with .108" OD Slickline, highly trained and experienced operators and quality tools to provide our customers with superior solutions in slickline services.

Broaching - To repair the internal diameter of the production tubing. The cutting profiles on a Broach remove the tubing wall restrictions to allow subsequent passage of tools and equipment.

T. D. Check - To measure the depth to the bottom of a well, or to a restriction or equipment in the wellbore.

Fishing - To remove junk debris or a fish from a wellbore. A fishing operation includes an understanding of the dimensions and nature of the fish to be removed, the wellbore conditions, and the tools and techniques needed.

Magnets - To remove metal particles, debris or a fish from a wellbore using a Skirted Earth Magnet.

Plugs - Fisher Production Services, Inc. carries packing style plugs, circulating plugs, and equalizing plugs for tubing profiles up to 2.313".

Tubing Perforation - To create a communication between the tubing and the annulus through which oil or gas is produced. Fisher Production Services, Inc. uses a Hydraulic Tubing Punch to perforate the tubing wall.

Samples - To retrieve a sample of fluid or debris using a Sample Bailer.

Setting - To run and set tubing plugs, tubing stops, collar stops, and other downhole equipment.

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