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Fisher Production Services, Inc. uses the Echometer´┐Ż Well Analyzer Dynamometer. This is a state of the art computer and Dynamometer system. For extreme accuracy, we use a horseshoe transducer and install it between the pumping unit carrier bar and permanent polished rod clamp. This enables us to measure a very accurate load cell for performing a more complete Dynamometer analysis.

A Dynamometer Survey will answer any of the following questions:

  •  Well pumped off?
  •  Pump intake pressure?
  •  Pump fillage?
  •  Traveling and/or standing valves leaking?
  •  Pump displacement?
  •  Effective pump plunger travel?
  •  Current pumping speed?
  •  Maximum and minimum rod loads within allowable limits?
  •  Rods parted?
  •  Polished rod horsepower?
  •  Surface efficiency reasonable?
  •  Gearbox overloaded?
  •  Unit properly balanced?
  •  Beam overloaded?
  •  What movement of the counterweights is required to balance the unit?

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